McCracken County 4-H Youth compete at the University of Kentucky State 4-H Communications Day Contest

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4-H Youth from McCracken County competed in the 2018 State 4-H Communications Day Contest.  The contest was held in Lexington at the University of Kentucky on Saturday, July 14, 2018. These youth won at their school, county, and area contests prior to the state competition.  Participants from all 120 counties across the Commonwealth competed in the event.

The following youth received blue or red ribbons that signify awards in their respective categories. In addition, Daniel Crouse earned grand champion in the 11 Year Old Speech Category.

Congratulations to our McCracken County 4-H Youth for their outstanding performances!

Elizabeth Sanborn                                         9 Year Old Speech                            Blue
Daniel Crouse                                                11 Year Old Speech                            Blue/Grand Champion
Kate Morrow                                                 12 Year Old Speech                           Blue
Miranda Gartner                                         13 Year Old Speech                            Red
Hunter Korte                                                 Jr. Demo – Natural Resources      Blue
Josie Bailey/ Waverly Watson                 Team Demo                                        Blue