McCracken County Fair Results

By 07/21/2016 General 4-H News

2016 McCracken County Fair 4-H Exhibit Results

ARTS AND CRAFTS: Jr. Folk Art –Madelyn Edwards/White, Braden Brown/White, Zane Duong/Red, Elizabeth Barks/Red, Reed Parrish/Red, Carlee Myhand/Red, Gyan Smith/Red, Ian Dillon/Red, Ava Townsend/Red, Paige Settles/Blue, Ava Croley/Blue, Brooklyn Lowery/Blue, Ava Baker/White, Matthew Heatherly/Red, Ian Beasley/White, Alli Tabors/Red, Karsea Scott/Red, Cami Cox/Red, McKenzie O’Brien/White, Jensen Fowler/White, Markyah Dunivin/White, Atleih Rayne Nichols/White, Thomas Powless/Blue Champion, Caroline Menendez/Blue Sr. Folk Art – Ellen Brown/Blue Champion, Jr. WeavingSydney Koehler/Blue Champion, Jensen Fowler/Blue Jr. Ceramics – Caroline Menendez/Blue Champion, Max Menendez/Blue, Jr. Original Design Ceramics – Thomas Powless/Blue, Max Menendez/Blue Champion, Caroline Menedez/Blue, Sr. Black and White –Collette Truitt/Blue Champion, Mallory Thompson/Red, Erin Gericke/Blue,  Jr. Acrylic/Oil – Caroline Menedez/Blue Champion,  Max Menendez/Blue, Sr. Acrylic/Oil – Thomas Brown/Red, Collette Truitt/Blue Champion, Sr. Watercolor – Thomas Brown/Red,

WOOD SCIENCE: Level 1, Not From A Kit – Max Menendez/Blue Champion,

HOME ENVIRONMENTSimple Cloth Item for Home  Ellen Brown/Blue Champion, Caroline Menendez/Red, Elleanna Lewis/Red, Simple Cloth Item for Home/Sewing MachineElleanna Lewis/Blue Champion, Piece of Furniture Refinished– Ellen Brown/Red,

FOODS: Three Brownies – Thomas Powless/Blue Champion, Chocolate Cake- Thomas Powless/Blue Champion, Bread Made in a Bread Machine– Thomas Powless/Red, 

SEWING: Sr. Formal Affair- Ellen Brown Blue Champion, Jr. Unit II Non-Clothing Option – Elleanna Lewis/Blue Champion,

PHOTOGRAPHY: Single Subject AnimalsEllen Brown/Red,

TRENDS AND TRADITIONSSr. Upcycling – Mallory Thompson/Blue Champion