McCracken County Fair

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Youth Horticulture Exhibits

Youth Flower Show Entries


Cooperative Extension Service University of Kentucky


4-H Agents
Adair Baysinger, Robert Tashjian, and Amanda Wilson


1.      All 4-H exhibits must be turned into the McCracken County Extension Office, June 18th – 21st,
2018. Each participant must register their entries. Registrations must be scheduled by calling
270-554-9520 by Friday, June 15th, 2018. Items must be turned in the day of registration.


2.      4-H is open to youth ages 9 – 19 as of January 1st of the current year, with regard to race,
color, sex, religion, national origin or disability.


3.      Exhibits will be judged on the Danish Scoring System: Blue, Red or White. The decision of the
judges is official and final.


4.      Purple Championship ribbons will be presented in each class. Selection of Champion will be from
Blue Ribbon entries


5.      Premiums – Purple Ribbon/Champion – $6.00; Blue Ribbon – $5.00; Red Ribbon – $4.00; White
Ribbon – $3.00.


6.      4-H entries which receive Purple Championship will represent McCracken County at the Kentucky
State Fair where there are categories for judging.


7.       Participation in the fair may be a youth’s first involvement in 4-H work. Youth do not have to
be a 4-H member to participate.


8.      All exhibits must be picked up after July 9th at the McCracken County Extension Office – 2025
New Holt Road.


9.        If you have any questions, please call (270) 554-9520.