Many people ask, “so what do kids do in an after school 4-H club?” In McCracken we focus on team building, leadership, developing friendships, self confidence, self awareness, parliamentary procedure and having of course…having fun! If you have a specific club in mind such as sewing, dog, shooting sports, horse, etc., we have those as well. Contact us at (270) 554-9520 for more information.

If you would like to have a club at your school all you need is around 10 youth who want to have one. Please contact our office so a 4-H agent can help get one started. Also remember that ALL 4-H MEETINGS FOLLOW THE COUNTY SCHOOL CLOSURE SCHEDULE. If inclement weather arrives and school closes any 4-H club or meeting scheduled on that day will be cancelled.

Use the map below to see which schools your 4-H is partnering with and which agent will be handling any programs we are offering with that school.

Area Map with Schools