About Robert

I’m Robert Tashjian. My entire life people always have always had a difficult time with my last name. If you can remember that Tashjian rhymes with Fashion or Passion, you have got it.

The majority of my young life was spent in Livingston County, where I grew up on a cattle farm and got to do what most kids did back then. Work. I did participate in 4-H and my agent encouraged me after college to apply for the position I have today!

I graduated from Murray State University with an undergraduate degree in Education K-12, and later a Master of Science degree in Leadership and Human Development. I began my 4-H career in 1997 and it’s been one of the best and most rewarding decisions of my life. I have two daughters Lauren, a junior at St. Mary high school, and Emily, a freshman at the University of Kentucky. My wife Tracey is also a 4-H agent in Graves County.

I enjoy fly-fishing, road and mountain biking and pretty much anything that gets me outside. My favorite program that we do in 4-H is the speech and demonstration contest. I am always amazed at how brave and incredible young people are when they get up in front of an audience and command the stage! Probably one of my most favorite quotes is by George Addair: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear “.

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